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p poor (text complete reading copy only,
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Waf. with all faults,
nd. no date,
cl. Cloth,
Pict cloth. pictorial cloth.
Aeg. all edges gilt,
aec. all edges coloured,

teg. top edge gilt,
fep. front end paper,
dw. dust wrapper,
o/w otherwise,
pb paperback,
pp pages

  17 March 2016        
4046-e - After Dinner Tricks and Puzzles with Your Seal Brand Coffee Compliments of Chase & Sandborn. Seal Brand Coffee nd. vg. ill card 3 1/2inx5in.  6 Pages plus cover 45  
4047 - After Dinner Tricks and Puzzles with Your Seal Brand Coffee Compliments of Chase & Sandborn nd. vg. ill card 3 1/2inx5in.  6 Pages plus cover 40
4065-e - Bile Beans Puzzle Book   g ill card 6 1/2inx6in,  Advertising booklet 20
4066-e - Bile Beans Puzzle Book   g ill card 6 1/2inx6in,  Advertising booklet 25  
4033 - Boy's Own Conjuring Book Dick & Fitzgerald  poor, frontispiece missing. Contents ok Art nouveau  45  
4034 - Boy's Own Conjuring Book Dick & Fitzgerald  f. ill cloth (japanese influence)  65  
4077-e - Bushwacky Fairy Tale Books Ltd 2005 m ill card. Rotating vanish. Make cowboy bush disappear! (like Loyd's vanishing Chinaman 10x8 ins.. Find the disappearing George W Bush   15
4078-e - Bushwacky Fairy Tale Books Ltd 2005 m ill card. Rotating vanish. Make cowboy bush disappear! (like Loyd's vanishing Chinaman 10x8 ins.. Find the disappearing George W Bush   15  
4067-e - Children's Story Book Northwestern Yeast Company 1926 fair ill card 5inx8in, advertising booklet, cover separated and in half along the spine. 12 one-page stories each opposite a full page colourful devinette 48
4041 - Complete Home Entertainer,The Odhams Press reprint1948 g impressed cloth  10  
4028-d - Every Boy's Book: A Complete encyclodedia of Sports and Amusements...  A New Edition Routledge, Warne and Routledge 1860 g. Half calf, marbled. 634pp. Ill by William Harvey & Harrison Wier.  Spine rubbed at ends 45  
4082-d - Motograph Moving Picture Book, The Bliss, Sands & Co., London 1898 Good.  Pictorial board somewhat rubbed.  First Edition. Quarto. Rebound and repaired. with 13 plates and a good new replacement moire viewer.  Nice copy of the original edition. 220

4044-e - New Book of 200 Puzzles, No1 Wehman Bros, New York 1908 Poor. ill card 4inx5in, cover ok, contents .crumbly at hinge edge, but all contents readable. 30
4043-e - New Book of Puzzles No.28 I&M Ottenheimer, Baltimore 1914 fair ill card, pbk slight damage 4inx5in 58+4pp 40
4069-e - New Book of Puzzles, no 28 I&M Ottenheimer, Baltimore 1914 g ill card 4inx5in booklet, slight damage to back cover.50+4pp 48  
4072-e - Parlour Magic – Simple Tricks and Puzzles for Little Folk  nd. Poor. ill card 4 1/2inx5 1/2in booklet,  cover nearly off, contents ok 40  
4045-e - Parlour Magic, Simple Tricks and Puzzles for Little Folk Advertising for Colman's Mustard nd. Poor. ill card 4 1/2inx51/2in,  Front cover has come away at staple , 8 pages plus back cover ok. 40
4070-e - Puzzle Pictures for Boys and Girls – Circus Animals Sterling Products  g ill card 4inx6in, advertising booklet for California Syrup of Figs 30
4068-e - Puzzler, The C Penny & Sons c.1840 vg,  original grey paper cover 3 1/2inx5 1/2in.Charades, enigmas, anagrams etc 300
4047-e - Puzzles and Games for all Occasions (Tit-Bits Handy Books) George Newnes nd. vg,  paper cover 96pp . 10  
4059-e - Souvenir of the West Cornwall Museum of Mechanical Music Beric Tempest & Co 1974 g ill card “The Authentic Sounds of an Inventive Age” 2  
104a  Adams, Morley (ed.) Boy's Own Book of Indoor Games & Recreations The Boy's Own Paper' Office. London circa 1922 vg.  45 ·
153a Bekkering, Betsy & Geert Stukje Voor Stukje Van Soeren & Co. Amsterdam 1988 m. pbk With separate English translation. 18 ·
153b Bekkering, Betsy & Geert Stukje Voor Stukje Van Soeren & Co. Amsterdam 1988 m. pbk With separate English translation. 18 ·
4055 Bell, R C Tangram Teasers Corbitt & Hunter 1965 m ill card 4inx6 1/2in 5  
493 Bellew, Frank Art Of Amusing, The Chatto & Windus. London nd. g. Spine chipped and front board loose 50 ·
5003 Berrocal Berrocal Casa Fuerte Bezmiliana De Agosto 2008 new pb Catalogue 33  
4023-d Bird, Maria Nursery Rhymes for Bill & Ben, The Flowerpot Men Publicity Products Ltd, London 195(3) g ill hardback 1955. 1st edition. Square 12mo. (16)pp. Red laminated paper covered boards, red & black lettering + Man made of flowerpots kneeling down holding paint pot for lady made of flowerpots + small window on front with moire screen and rotating moire pattern whe 75  
906 Bright, Greg Greg Bright's Fontana Mazes Fontana/Collins 1975 vg. pbk some very light penciling o/w mint 10 ·
14 Buckley, A.B. Winners In Life's Race Macmillan & Co.London 1923 g. cl.pict. Illustrated. 15 ·
4058 Bullivant, Cecil H Home Fun T C & E C Jack 1924 g ill board a bit grubby. Foxed endpapers. With bookplate of Richard Armour (Conjurer Dick) spine slightly loose 15  
228 Cadogan, Lady Adelaide Illustrated Games of Patience Leslie Frewin Publishers Ltd. UK 1968 vg. d/  25 ·
190a  Cassell Cassell's Book of Indoor Amusements, Card Games, & Fireside Fun Cassell, Petter, & Galpin. London nd. g. Spine damaged. 40 ·
18a  Cassell Cassell's Book of Sports and Pastimes Cassell & Company limited. London nd. Circa 1906 vg. cl.pict. Marb Spine split at one edge 50 ·
18c  Cassell Cassell's Book of Sports and Pastimes Cassell & Company limited. London nd. Circa 1906 vg. cl.pict. marb. Some foxing. 68 ·
479 Cremer, W. H. Hanky Panky Or Easy & Difficult Tricks John Grant. Edinburgh circa 1891 vg. Ink stain on pictorial front board. F.E.P has deleted  magicians stamp. 45 ·
479a Cremer, W. H. Hanky Panky Or Easy & Difficult Tricks John Grant. Edinburgh 1882c g. Some loose pages. Pp13 & 14 torn 45 ·
478 Cremer, W. H. Magician's Own Book, The John Camden Hotten. London circa 1890 g. Faded Spine damaged. Front board coming loose. 70 ·
76 Cremer, W.H. (ed.) Secret Out, The or 1000 Tricks Explained Chatto & Windus. London 1874c g. green  95 ·
3044 Cremer, W.H. (Trans. & ed.) The Secret Out or one thousand tricks in Drawing Room or White Magic … by the author of "The Magicians Own Book" Chatto & Windus. London 1891 g Pictorial board  95 ·
16 Daiken, Leslie World of Toys Lambarde Press, London? 1963 vg. cl.d/w.  10 ·
108 Dawson, Lawrence H. Hoyle's Games Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd. London 1975 f. d/  6 ·
156 Diagram Group, The Way to Play, The Paddington Press Ltd. New York 1975 vg. d/  15 ·
4037 Dudeney, Henry E. Amusements in Mathematics Thomas Nelson & Sons no date – c 1920 g. Ill hardback,  front cover has gold presentation inscription “Girls Public Day School Trust Ltd, Sheffield. Sadly the bookplate inside has been mostly removed and only the date 1932-33 is legible with headmistresses signature vii+258pp 48  
4057 Dudeney, Henry E. Canterbury Puzzles, The Dover Publications, New York 1958 g ill card 4th edition, front cover bent 0  
3037 Emmet, E.R. Puzzles For Pleasure Emerson Books Inc 1972 g  -  vg hardback with dw  7 ·
155 Ernst, Bruno Magic Mirror Of M.C. Escher, The Tarquin Publications, Norfolk  1985 f. pbk  15 ·
120 Fickling, David & Hinton, Perry Helmquest Puffin Books, Penguin Books. Middlesex 1986 f. pbk  3 ·
287 George Andrew Hutchinson (ed.) Every Boy's Monthly  ? 1907 g. cl. 3 issues, 1906-1908 30 ·
4049 Goldston, Will More Tricks and Puzzles Will Goldston Ltd nd. g ill board edges bumped, very slight staining on cover, contents good. 45  
117 Hancock, F.E Last Fairy, The Fanatsy Publications Ltd. Isle Of Man 1983 vg.  inscribed by author 15 ·
210 Hancock, F.E. Last Fairy, The Fanatsy Publications Ltd. Isle Of Man nd. f.  Inscibed by the author 15 ·
5004 Hart,J.T  Hieroglyphical Signatures F G & Co   new Ribbon Tied Portfolio 6 plates 3 x colour 3 x b/w plus solution card. a reproduction of a mid 19th Century rebus series created by J.T. Hart 10  
3007 Hirschberg, A Can You Solve it? Hutchinson & Co   Hardback Third Impression 15 ·
4003 Hirschberg, A Can You Solve it? Hutchinson & Co 1931 g cloth  4th impression 5  
-d Hoffmann, Professor  Mechanical Puzzles F Warne & Co c1900 Poor. ill board front cover cracked & separated,spine damaged, contents good. 48  
4030-d Hoffmann, Professor  Mechanical Puzzles F. Warne & Co 1920c fair ill board,  Spine half missing, front and back boards cracked (someone tried to fold it in half!), contents good. 48
1c Hoffmann, Professor (ed Edw.Hordern)

Puzzles Old & New


L.E. Hordern (editor) 1993 new d/w cl Centenary Edition with colour photographs. 256 pages of puzzles and solutions.

Only a handful left of this limited private publication.

175 ·
    We do not really need so many copies of the original 1893 Edition; so, at the right price, we would be willing to part with a couple that are illustrated on the above linked page. Email for price  
264 Hood Hood's Own Or Laughter From Year To Year  2 Volumes Series 1 & 2 E. Moxon, Son & Co. London 1873 vg. beautiful set with many illustrations probably by Cruikshank 45 ·
5001 Hordern, L.Edward Sliding Piece Puzzles Oxford University Press. Oxford 1986 m.  Edward Hordern's definitive book on the subject 70 ·
3034 James, Dan Treasure. Studio Editions Ltd 1994 vg. Hardback with dw Complete 8 ·
627 Jenkins, Gerald & Bear, Magdalen Sixth Stellation Of The Icosahadedron, The Tarquin Publications, Norfolk  1985 m. pbk  3 ·
633 Jenkins, Gerald & Wild, Anne Make Shapes series 2 Tarquin Publications, Norfolk  nd. f. pbk  3 ·
633a Jenkins, Gerald & Wild, Anne Make Shapes series 2 Tarquin Publications, Norfolk  nd. f. pbk  3 ·
634 Jenkins, Gerald & Wild, Anne Make Shapes series 3 Tarquin Publications, Norfolk  nd. f. pbk  3 ·
634a Jenkins, Gerald & Wild, Anne Make Shapes series 3 Tarquin Publications, Norfolk  nd. f. pbk  3 ·
635a Jenkins, Gerald & Wild, Anne Mathematical Curiousities Tarquin Publications, Norfolk  1980 m. pbk  3 ·
5005- Jones, Miss Whitmore Games of Patience For One or More Players L. Upcott Gill 2nd nd c1899 g Hardcover.  Attractive green pict.cloth gt; Decorated endpapers. Paginated in series, ca.258pp/cat.16pp.(dated 7/98). Illus.throughout with game diagrams. Head & tailpieces. In very good condition. Spine slightly darkened. Covers slightly bumped. Hinges slightly cracked. Owner’s bookplate and inscription on front endpapers. Slight browning to endpapers. Else a clean and tight copy. Four books in one, First to Fourth Series, each "Series" having its own page numbering. Many illustrations of card games throughout. A bright, clean and handsome copy of this standard work 19  
4022 Ketchum, William C Toys and Games Cooper-Hewitt Museum 1981 g board with dw Cooper-Hewitt Museum, nd, cloth w/gilt titles, illus. end papers, vg-fine w/dj-inj. , 128 pp w/index, reading and references & glossary, B & W/color photographic & other illus., 4to, 7  
4021 Knox, Frank M Stock Photo  Ornamental Turnery: A Practical and Historical Approach to a Centuries-Old Craft Prentice Hall Press 1986 vg. board,with dw Includes detailed instructions for adapting a lathe for ornamental turning as well as guidelines for inventing new designs. Pp 78, signed by author 45  
4011 Lemon, Don (selected by) Everybody's Illustrated Book of Puzzles Saxon & Co 1890 g 1st edn. Ill cloth, some damp damage to cover, spine loose, contents good  35  
230 Linklater, Eric, Street Taffail, A.G. Hicks, Sir Seymour, Darwin, Bernard, etc. Men Only Magazine Jan 1936 Vol 1 No. 2 ? 1936 Poor. pbk Magazine, back cover missing. 5 ·
5001 Lucey, R.M. A Problem A Day Faber and Faber    1937 g Hardcover Book Jacket by Edward Bawden 0  
4083-d Madonna Sex Martin Secker & Warburg, 1992 Fine   First. Folio - over 12" - 15" tall. 59 leaves inside card covers (4p comic) Pressed aluminium covers, spiral bound Title impressed on front, decoration cut in back, number impressed on back Slight shelf rubbing on base CD in original bag,  Lustily illust 75 ·
5000 Milburn, George (ed.) Book of Puzzles and Brainteasers Haldeman-Julius, Girard, KA nd vg pbk Puzzles, rebuses, brainteasers etc, with solutions 15  
31 Milet, Jacques & Forbes, Robert Toy Boats 1870-1955 A Pictorial History Charles Scribner's Sons. New York 1979 g. d/w.  20  
629a Moscovich, Ivan Puzzling Reflections Tarquin Publications, Norfolk  1990 m. pbk  3 ·
44a N.E.Thing Enterprises Magic Eye: A new way of looking at the World Penguin Group Ltd. London 1993 m. d/  7 ·
235 Neil, James. M.A. Riddles and Something New About Them Simpkin Marshall & Co. London 1993 m. pbk  2  
94 Palmer, Kim (Illustrated by) Dream, The Salem House Publishers. Massachusetts 1987 m. d/  5 ·
94a Palmer, Kim (Illustrated by) Dream, The Salem House Publishers. Massachusetts 1987 m. d/  5 ·
290 Parry-Crooke, Charlotte (intro.) Toys. Dolls. Games Denys Ingram Publishers. London 1981 m. d/ Reprints of catalogues 1903-1914. 25 ·
109a Pentagram (compiled by) Puzzlegrams Simon & Schuster Inc. New York 1989 m. pbk  7 ·
470-d Peticov, Antonio Galeria Montesanti Roesler 1989 ? 1989 f. pbk Exhibition Catalogue 15  
301-d Peticov, Antonio Pinturas De 1993 ? 1993 f. pbk Exhibition catalogue 35  
3010 Phillips, Hubert Brush Up Your Wits J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd. London 1937 g Hardback First Reprint 15  
4008 Phillips, Hubert Brush Up Your Wits JM Dent & Sons 1936 1srt.edn. G ill cloth ill by Ward 15 ·
4007 Phillips, Hubert Hubert Phillips's Heptameron Eyre & Spottiswoode 1945 g cloth  ill by Pearl Falconer 10  
4006 Phillips, Hubert Sphinx Problem Book, The Faber & Faber 1934 g cloth  Very  light pencil annotations on a few pages. Very slight foxing on endpapers.  15  
3011 Phillips, Hubert The Sphinx Problem Book Faber & Faber 1934 vg. Hardback Re-bound 20 ·
3009 Phillips, Hubert The Week-End Problems Book The Nonesuch Press 1932 g Hardback First Edition 18 ·
4009 Phillips, Hubert (complied by) Week-end Problems Book, The The Nonesuch Press 1932 g cloth  1st. 7  
3008 Phillips, Hubert;Shovelton, ST;Marshall,GS Caliban's Problem Book T De La Rue & Co 1933 spine slight wrinkle, boards slight fading. Endpapers sl. foxing o/w vg Hardback Signed by Author in 1934 60 ·
87 Reader's Digest Word Power Reader's Digest Association. London 1967 g.  5 ·
4100 Roscoe,S & Brimmell, R.A. James Lumsden & Son of Glasgow. Private Libraries Association 1981 slight damp staine on back cover and spine.  contents very good hardback Excellent illustrated bibliography and introduction to their Juvenile Books and Chapbooks 7  
3068 Rothenstein & Gooding The Playful Eye Redstone Press 1999 mint large pbk 101pp  of Colourful Illusions mostly from the Hordern-Dalgety Collection 20  
4080 Rouse Ball, WW Mathematical Recreations  Macmillan & Co Ltd 1914 g Ill hardback,  6th edition. owner A.E.Clifford, Camb. Inscription and annotations. 20 ·
4038 Rouse Ball, WW Mathematical Recreations and Essays Macmillan & Co Ltd 1928 vg. clean & tight copy ill hardback,  30 ·
5002 Routledge, Edmund (ed) Every Boy's Annual George Routledge & Sons 1871 g cl,aeg,spine damaged, tatty edges Stories, Puzzles 30  
10 Rowley, Hugh Puniana John Camden Hotten. London 1867 vg. cl. Rebound. 40 ·
4010 Rubik, Erno et al Rubik's Cubic Compendium Oxford University Press, Oxford 1987 vg.  Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1987. Glossy Boards. Book Condition: Near Fine. No Jacket. Color and b&w illustrations (illustrator). First Edition. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. [xii], 225pp.  40 ·
514-d Saint-Lague, A. Avec Des Nombres Et Des Lignes Librairie Vuibert. Paris 1946 g. pbk Original French paper cover. 3rd edition. 35  
4061 Scripture, Nicholas E Puzzles and Teasers  Faber & Faber 1970 vg,  board with dw  5  
5006 Silverman, David L. Your Move Kaye & Ward. London 1973 VG  dust wrapper has tear Dw.Cl. to dupl sale 10/2015 7  
703 Sloane, Paul & MacHale, Des Challenging Lateral Thinking Puzzles Sterling Publishing Co., New York 1993 m pbk  5 ·
296b Slocum, Jerry  & Botermans, Jack Puzzles Old & New: How to Make and Solve Them Plenary Publications International. Netherlands 1986 vg. pbk JAPANESE EDITION 10 ·
4032 Smith, Albert Comic Tales and Pictures of Life David Bryce c. 1845 contents good rebound  40  
5001 Sothebys Catalogue of J.B.Findlay CollectionBooks, Manuscripts, ond other Material on the Conjuring Arts. Part II & III Sotheby's 1979/1980 goog pbk 2 volumes.96pages+60 plates & 131pages+6plates 20  
4086-d Soulby, W.H. The Surprise Art Album.A New Book containing over one hundred amusing and interesting picture puns. Second Edition. Cartwright & Rattray Ltd, Manchester nd. c1895 contents are as follows - 1.Illustrated titlepage as above. 2.A page of illustrated puns titled 'Ten Points in a Good Wife'. 3. 22 pages printed in gold and dark blue, each page with either 4 or 6 flaps, numbered 1 to 110, each with a brief text and a quo Pictorial heavy boards somewhat scruffy. Spine damaged. Contents very good and clean considering their heavy nature.  275 ·
4017 Thiele, R & Hasse, K Teufelsspiele Urania-Verlag 1988 vg. board ill with photographs large format, Dutch 18 ·
302a Thompson, Colin Ruby Julia MacRae Random House. London 1994 m. d/ Treasure hunt book. 10 ·
30a  Tissandier, Gaston Popular Scientific Recreations Ward, Lock & Co. London nd. vg. cl.pict. Marb Beautiful leather binding. Lotheram Grammar School prize.  85 ·
4031 Tuer, Andrew W Pages and Pictures from Forgotten Children's Books The Leadenhall Press 1898-99 g ill board 1st Edition 60
4082 Turner, John Victorian Arena – The Performers, Vol 1 Lingdales Press 1995 vg,  ill board, with dwr Dictionary of British Circus Biography.  Limited edition, 207 of 500 100 ·
115 Tyler, Tom British Jigsaw Puzzles of the 20th Century Richard Dennis. Shepton Beauchamp, Somerset 1997 m.   25 ·
505-e unknown Shadow Land Success Series. London nd. Poor. pbk Cover repaired with cellotape. 10 ·
223 various 19th International Puzzle Party, The IPP19 Committee 1999 m. pbk Black & white 10 ·
0 Various About 10 volumes of Boy's Annuals from the 1860 and 1870s email for details 1860-1880 various various half calf and pictorial cloth greta mixture including puzzles, stories etc. offers


A1 Various Encyclopedia Britannica Brittanica 1950 25 Volumes including Atlas & Index.Complete and in very good condition  This is arguably the best edition for historical material Offers invited.   ·
  Various STRAND MAGAZINE     38 Volumes.(26 in publishers cloth,12 in half cald ond other bindings.) Offers invited. email for details. ·
285 Whalley, Joyce Irene, Chester, Tesse Rose History Of Children's Book Illustration, A John Murray. London 1988 f. d/  35  
4054-e Willane Willane's Wizardry The Academy of Recorded Crafts, Arts and Sciences 1947 g Pamphlet “Profusely Illustrated” 10  
4020 Williams A D Cutting a Fine Figure, The Art of the Jigsaw Puzzle Museum of Our National Heritage 1996 vg. ill paperback 60pp 35 ·
303 Williams, Kit Bee on the Comb Jonathan Cape Ltd. London 1984 m.   15 ·
397 Williams, Kit Masquerade Jonathan Cape Ltd. London 1979 m.   7 ·
3023 Williams, WT & Savage, GH The Penguin Problems Book Penguin Books 1940 g pbk  3  
335 Wood, Les Mazes & Mandalas Frederick Muller Ltd. London 1981 m. pbk  5 ·