This extraordinary selection of PUZZLES represents a unique opportunity to obtain some extremely rare items.

They are being sold to contribute towards the costs of running this website.

There are a small number of new puzzles but the majority are antiques. Most are duplicate items found in the museums store or acquired when large collections of puzzles & books have been donated or purchased during the past 30 years.

No items from the museums principal collections are being sold.

Updated 19th Dec 2016 with New Puzzles .

Please quote reference number of items in emails.
See bottom of page for ordering details.





Got some nice OLD puzzles?.

We welcome new additions to the museum collections, so please tell us if you think you have a puzzle we might like to buy. If you prefer, the duplicates listed in our shop may be had on very advantageous terms when we are swapping them for other puzzles.




Whilst tidying the museum's stores we are finding some duplicate items, which we are now offering to collectors. They include a wide range from extraordinarily rare antique puzzles to some fun curiosities which are not really puzzles at all. Please note that many are not suitable for children as they pre-date most safety regulations and may include materials like glass, mercury and lead.

Orders:There is usually only one of each item available; so we have no automated ordering system.
Please send an email order to ""
with subject "PUZZLE_ORDER_ your name"
listing the Reference Number, Name, & Price of items that you want
together with your name, and snail mail address.

We will then email you with details of the availability and total cost including postage and packing.

Payment may then be made by Paypal, Electronic Transfer, securely dispatched cash, or UK sterling cheque.

Requests will be looked at and sorted regularly but not every day; so please be patient.

Copyright reserved on all Photographs and Descriptions.

Size. Please estimate the size by observing the 10 cm rule included in most photos.

Condition is sometimes given on the very simple scale of 4 by which Edward Hordern & James Dalgety judged items in their collections:-

  • Excellent. As good as one is likely to find. New or Mint if Modern or, if Antique, about as good as one is going to find.
  • Good. Delighted to have it in our collection. Probably won't want to upgrade it.
  • Fair. Adequate but hope to find an upgrade one day.
  • Poor. Poor condition but better than having no example.
  • Where condition is not stated it should be judged by the photographs.
    Please ask for any further information that you need.

Returns must be requested within 7 days. Please contact us with any problems .
The buyer will pay the return postage. Upon receipt of the item, the original amount paid will be refunded to the buyer.

Bargains. Some items in these "For Sale" lists are offered at a low price because they are un-restored. If they do not sell as they are, we may restore them and then put the prices up. (Often the restoration is very minor, just a clean and polish or re-gluing of the corner of a cardboard box.) Some of the most desirable items may be priced high. If they do not sell over a period of months, then we may gradually reduce the prices. So keep looking.

Repairs and Restorations. We have a large quantity of unlisted antique Tanglement, French boxed puzzles, Dexterity puzzles, and sets of Cast & Wire puzzles which need restoration. If you are willing and able to do this then we will happily invite you make a very low offer for them. The work is often simple and just requires time, care, and patience. This is a very good way for a new collector to obtain some excellent puzzles at a very low price.