Other Antique and Vintage Puzzles

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Late 18th / Early 19th century snuff box with amusing rude rebus message for any scroungers.

OTH-001 £90

A 19th Century Maunchline snuff or stamp box with amusing rude rebus message for any scroungers.
OTH-003 £50

A crested model of the famous 17th Century puzzle wall in Bebington, Cheshire. This is the rare ceramic version with circular Christchurch crest. Unlike the more usual version by Willow Art it clearly shows an embossed Inn sign. This gives the puzzler a much fairer chance of solving the subtle riddles. A photocopy of the solution included.

OTH-005 £125
Early 20th Century competition puzzle OTH-011 £40

CONSUL THE EDUCATED MONKEY. This is an ORIGINAL, not a reproduction, lithographed heavy tin. A mechanical multiplication table calculator patented by William Robertson in 1916.. When each of the monkey's feet are moved to point at two numbers, the monkey's hands move to indicate the product. The wrapper is a photocopy.
Apparently Consul was a cigarette smoking star at the turn of the 20th century. He would eat with a knife and fork at a table, ride a little bicycle, and throw things at blond women.

OTH-013 £70
Three very nice miniature PUZZLE BOOKS given away with comics.
each 50 pages.
OTH-014 £60

An old English Milk Bottle advertising with WORD PUZZLE

OTH-015 £3

FINDING THE POLE. An extremely rare polar puzzle from the time of the discovery of the North Pole . c.1910.

The mirror has a crack and chip - It could easily be replaced but does not affect the functionality of the puzzle. The box is a faithful facsimile - so good you would not know if you hadn't been told.

An outstanding and historical puzzle involving perception and dexterity.

OTH-016 £330

No rules with this Magnetic Football so not sure if it is a game or a puzzle

OTH-214 £2


There is a REBUS WORD PUZZLE inside each of these bottle caps which is protected by the plastic sealing layer.
All are unused from the 2 brands shown opposite in top row.

Much word puzzling, laughter and groans here!

Years ago when we collected these we sorted some of them; but the remainder are in random batches.

Examples in bottom row:
#106 "knot+P+lei+ing+fair"= "Not playing Fair"
#108 is "Dough+NT+Men+chin+net" = "Don't mention it"!
#104 "M+axe+well, s+mart" = Maxwell Smart (the bumbling secret agent in the movies).

41 different (56 to 99 missing only 86,88,89). OTH-251a £25
13 different (100-114 missing only 110,111) OTH-251b £7
11 Different (100-114 missing only 101,103,110,111) OTH-251c £6
100 Unsorted OTH-251d £15
42 Unsorted OTH-251e £10

Puzzles below have been sold.

FOUR JOLLY BOYS. Very rare puzzle from Lord Robert's workshops for disabled servicemen after the 1914-18 WW1 OTH-007 sold

THE GOLDEN DISK from Myart's series of very unusual puzzles. Complete the disk by placing the pieces over the pins and moving them as the slots allow.

OTH-008 sold
THE CARNIVAL from Myart's series of very unusual puzzles. Complete the square placing the pieces over the pins. OTH-009 sold

Seems a pity to split this nice set of Four Generations' puzzles from the 1970s. PLUNGING PEG is an eight peg leveling puzzle. MAGIC MARBLE is a black-hole maze. Tic-Tac Toe is just that. All beautifully made in matching hardwoods.

OTH-010 sold

A good boxed set of nine Cantonese porcelain sweetmeat dishes

OTH-005 sold

BOOK REST. Beautifully carved and very unusual construction from a single solid plank of wood.

OTH-012 sold

Fascinating Amusements for Winter Evenings - FINGER PROBLEM. A very nice booklet and set of cards on Cat's Cradles

OTH-004 sold


1920s Art Deco bathing beauty on a sunbed cooling herself with a fan as she waves her legs.
German hand painted porcelain nodding figure marked "patented".


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