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Cecil Furniture Set. 1920s still as new in original wrapper.

JIG-003 £22


Side One: OVER ONE THOUSAND PICTURE COMBINATIONS.The different heads and different bodies can be laid together and in this way over one thousand humorous figure combinations are made possible.
Side Two: SIX JIG-TYPE PUZZLES. The last of which are good puzzles involving overlapping the cards.

probably 1940s or 1950s

JIG-006 £19

BLOCK ZIG-ZAG puzzle. Medals 1874 & 1875
see Hoffmann Chapter 3 puzzle 11.
JIG-011 £70
PANDA's PARTY. Jigsaw party game. 54 cards end up making large picture.
JIG-017 £7

Fine TABLE c.1867 (one leg reglued).
JIG-022 £58

MYSTERIOUS BALL Dark stained Hardwood.

see "Mysterious Ball" for the history of this item.

JIG-024 £65

Dinosaur 25 piece Jigsaw of 9 Dinosaurs by Lightrix 1994

JIG-205 £5
Three Jigsaws made from Erasers Japan 1980s
JIG-211 £5
Two Jigsaws made from Erasers Japan 1980s
JIG-212 £3

Very nice set of 12 colouring pencils in the form of a BANKNOTE

JIG-213 £7
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DOLLS HOUSE Furniture puzzle


Very nicely made resin pieces in resin tray made as faux scrimshaw. 1970s. Four different US & Nautical pictures.
JIG-020 sold

"ON THE RIVER". Delightful Standup multilevel jigsaw. Made and Designed by Carol Leith (monkeypuzzle) in the 1970s. 0.5 inch plywood, hand painted.
JIG-021 sold

MYSTERIOUS BALL Hardwood with groove for ribbon (or rubber band!)

see "Mysterious Ball" for the history of this item.






"The Chinese Wonder Cube" from W H Smith!

9 pcs.

JIG-005 sold

MYSTERIOUS BALL Stained hardwood.

see "Mysterious Ball" for the history of this item.

JIG-004 sold

as in Hoffmann Chapter 3 puzzle 11.

see also "Mysterious Ball" for the history of this item.


JIG-008 sold

Japanese Doll's house puzzle furniture set

JIG-010 sold
LIVER PUZZLE. south African medical promotion puzzle with sloping cuts.
JIG-013 sold

JIG-014 sold

Fine TABLE c1875.(piece broken missing on outer shell. one leg reglued)
JIG-015 sold

Very nice Japanese ceramic Jigsaw 1980c

JIG-216 sold