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Cecil Furniture Set. 1920s still as new in original wrapper.

JIG-003 £22


Side One: OVER ONE THOUSAND PICTURE COMBINATIONS.The different heads and different bodies can be laid together and in this way over one thousand humorous figure combinations are made possible.
Side Two: SIX JIG-TYPE PUZZLES. The last of which are good puzzles involving overlapping the cards.

probably 1940s or 1950s

JIG-006 £19

BLOCK ZIG-ZAG puzzle. Medals 1874 & 1875
see Hoffmann Chapter 3 puzzle 11.
JIG-011 £70

DOLLS HOUSE Furniture puzzle


PANDA's PARTY. Jigsaw party game. 54 cards end up making large picture.
JIG-017 £7
Very nicely made resin pieces in resin tray made as faux scrimshaw. 1970s. Four different US & Nautical pictures.
JIG-020 sold

Fine TABLE c.1867 (one leg reglued).
JIG-022 £58

MYSTERIOUS BALL Hardwood with groove for ribbon (or rubber band!)

see "Mysterious Ball" for the history of this item.



MYSTERIOUS BALL Dark stained Hardwood.

see "Mysterious Ball" for the history of this item.

JIG-024 £65

Dinosaur 25 piece Jigsaw of 9 Dinosaurs by Lightrix 1994

JIG-205 £5
Three Jigsaws made from Erasers Japan 1980s
JIG-211 £5
Two Jigsaws made from Erasers Japan 1980s
JIG-212 £3

Very nice set of 12 colouring pencils in the form of a BANKNOTE

JIG-213 £7

Very nice Japanese ceramic Jigsaw 1980c

JIG-216 sold
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"ON THE RIVER". Delightful Standup multilevel jigsaw. Made and Designed by Carol Leith (monkeypuzzle) in the 1970s. 0.5 inch plywood, hand painted.
JIG-021 sold



"The Chinese Wonder Cube" from W H Smith!

9 pcs.

JIG-005 sold

MYSTERIOUS BALL Stained hardwood.

see "Mysterious Ball" for the history of this item.

JIG-004 sold

as in Hoffmann Chapter 3 puzzle 11.

see also "Mysterious Ball" for the history of this item.


JIG-008 sold

Japanese Doll's house puzzle furniture set

JIG-010 sold
LIVER PUZZLE. south African medical promotion puzzle with sloping cuts.
JIG-013 sold

JIG-014 sold

Fine TABLE c1875.(piece broken missing on outer shell. one leg reglued)
JIG-015 sold