"The Sea - Educational Game"

Can you tell us when and for whom this puzzle was made?

This is an extremely rare glass top puzzle.  Can you tell by looking at the pictures when and for whom it was probably made? 

We discovered it recently in outstandingly good condition in a box labelled "The Sea - Educational Game".   To us it looks as though it might have been made for the USAF at the end of WW2. Benzedrene & Sharks we recognise but the uniforms and type of life raft are not our field of expertise.

It was manufactured by an English company R.Journet which we are publishing a book about.

Please let us know if you can help. Ref U510


ANOTHER related question that you may be able to answer: -

The a director of the company R.Journet & Co was secretly involved in hiding compasses, hacksaws, and maps inside puzzles that were included in recreational parcels sent to WW2 prisoners of war.  The then director, who was involved with this, gave us some examples of the compasses and hacksaws, but he did not have any of the maps.

He could not remember which actual puzzles they were hidden in.  They were the glass-top puzzles and it would be wonderful to locate an example with its original hidden secrets.

Do you happen to know of any examples still existing with their contents?