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showing the details and images of only about 20% of the Puzzle Museum collection.
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The catalogue can be searched by entering a search word, selecting a class, or both. If you select more than one criteria then they are combined with an 'AND'.

Please note that some searches can return a large number of puzzles and may take 20 seconds to return the list.


You can search for puzzles by using the start of a word, the exact word or the catalogue number.

The word must be a minimum of 3 characters and the possible search words will be displayed.

The search word can only be a single word and may contain alphanumeric characters only (no spaces, no punctuation and no additional wildcards).

Indexed fields are:

  • Puzzle objective
  • Theme/Advert
  • Name
  • Material
  • Year
  • Maker/Publisher
  • Designer/notes

For example searching for watch will find puzzles containing the words watch, watchchain, watches, watching, watchmakers


When using this search all puzzles of that class and optional sub class will be shown. The dropdown boxes show valid options.


You may enter year range to filter puzzles but this must be used in conjuntion with another search criteria. Default values are 0 to 2100.

If the year "from" is greater than the year "to", it is changed to be 1 less than the year to.

Neither value can be blank.


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